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The goal: increase accessibility of education in the field of Classics by converting textbooks and source material into an audio format.

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Due to the nature in which Latin is taught in today’s classrooms as a “dead language,” opportunities to engage in listening and speaking – parts of the language learning process that are equally as important as reading – are scarce. The Narramus Project aims to broaden the opportunities for anyone to engage in all that the Classics have to offer.

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Projects in-progress

Cambridge Latin Course Culture Sections

Help make the culture sections of one of the most popular Latin textbooks audio-compatible!

Dulcitius by Hrotsvitha

A medieval comedy in simple Latin written by a Nun from Germany. Rife with hilarious plot twists as well as gruesome outcomes.

Nero: In a Pisonian Pickle (Role Playing Game)

A Reacting to the Past style game in which students in opposing factions face-off in a battle of politics and treason, culminating in the Pisonian Conspiracy of 65 AD.